Are you an American or Canadian crossing the border to live, work, and or invest? Let us plan for you.
Whether you are living, working, or investing on either side of the border, EKS CPA INC can help you better understand your tax obligations and devise a plan that works for you.
Our Service
If you are an American moving to Canada or if you are a Canadian moving to the United States, it’s important to plan ahead so that you can minimize taxes. Our cross-border tax service is catered towards both individuals and corporations. EKS CPA INC develop specific tax planning that minimizes your overall tax obligations through eliminating double taxation while ensuring full compliance with the IRS and CRA. For corporations that are looking to move and conduct business across the border, we can devise a cross-border corporate structure that will reduce overall tax liability.
Key Elements of our Cross-Border Tax Services
• Smart tax planning to avoid double taxation in Canada and the United States
• Full compliance with IRS and CRA filing requirements
• Advice on how to minimize Canadian and American personal and corporate income taxes
• Development of a cross-border corporate structure to avoid a high tax bill