Financial statements make it easier for you to understand what the numbers actually mean! They are an integral part of running your business.

As a business owner, you will often need to show the financial records, performance and health of your business for a number of different reasons. All of this can easily be extrapolated from financial statements. At EKS CPA INC, we can compile and formulate accurate financial statements in an easy to read format and explain to you what the numbers mean. Our financial statement services are often done in conjunction with our corporate tax return services, but can also be done independently. We ensure the utmost accuracy when compiling them so that you are prepared for situations when you have to disclose them to banks for loans, for potential buyers of your business and for situations in which you are audited.
Key Elements of our Financial Statement Services
• Complete, and comprehensive reports
• Reliability and trust with experienced advisors
• Disclosure to the bank, where your company has a loan or mortgage
• Submit company’s corporate tax returns
• Buying and selling businesses